Sunday, May 29, 2011

Student Nudes - A Show - will feature live nude models - At William Scott Gallery Opening July 8th

Boston Figurative Art Center is please to announce the opening of a show featuring Student Nudes.  The show will actually open on July 1st with the grand opening scheduled to coincide with First Friday on July 8th.

Come join us to see selected figure work by New England area students- drawings, paintings, and prints; and watch demonstrations of model drawing right in the gallery.  Pick up a pencil and paper and participate.  

When:  Friday July 8, (with a smaller opening July 1), 
Where:  William Scott Gallery, 450 Harrison Ave., Boston.  

Phone:  617 542 4040

1 comment:

  1. Should be lively entertainment and interesting to see the non-drawing public encounter someone modeling nude in a public place. Small venue, so come early if you want to get a chair. Or come and just see the great work by some students chosen by the BFAC.