Sunday, May 15, 2011

Learn to Draw the Figure with Boston School of Painting - Jason Polins Instructor

Students will work in pencil, charcoal or oil paint to learn about line, form and proportion. The handling of light and shadow as it falls on the human body, giving a sense of weight and dimension to the figure. Rendering volume and color mixing via chroma, value and hue. Shape and composition being taken into account for arriving at a solid and integrated work, with an emphasis on realism and naturalism to the human body. Students will work from a live model in a long pose format.  

Two different time slots are available to provide scheduling flexibility:

Tuesday morning from 9am - 12pm starting May 17th
Saturday morning from 9am - 12pm starting May 21st.

Each class runs for 13 three-hour sessions.  The cost is $480 per class.

Studio address is:
86 Joy St, Studio #51
Somerville, MA

About the Artist:

Jason Polins received his BFA from Boston University in 1994 and went on to study in Florence Italy atThe Florence Academy of Art. During that time he honed his skills as a realist painter, fulfilling his studies in 1997 and receiving their certificate of completion. Upon returning to Boston he has continued painting and studying with various notable painters, such as Nelson Shanks in Philadelphia, and Gary Hoffmann in Boston. Having always felt a strong connection to the heritage of painters of The Boston School of Painting he endeavors to pursue the ideals of strong drawing skills, composition, and color in each of his own works.

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