Friday, May 27, 2011

Still Life, Bargue and Cast class with Jason Polins

Still life, Bargue and Cast class:

Two classes
Wednesday evening 6-9pm 
Saturday afternoon 1-4pm

In this class attention to basic drawing skills via complex shape organization and compositional structure will be taught throughout the term. Bargue drawings are a process of flat copy work to teach a student about the mechanics of pencil and charcoal. Learning how to manipulate materials to express ideals of classical beauty thru reproduction of classical lithographs. Cast drawing is a continuation of the Bargue adding the complexity of rendering a 2D drawing as if it were a 3D reality, with a heavy concentration on values and accuracy. Usually cast work is charcoal on paper or oils on canvas. The still life component is for people to explore all the previous skills combined in a synergy of color and shape in order to push ones skills to new levels. Also using ideas like metaphor or purpose to a still life setup. Typically Still life work is oil on canvas, but it can also be pencil on paper as well as charcoal on paper. 

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